Useful Links:

  • Church of God Campground – This organization is a group of the Church of God Evening Light congregations in California and holds the annual Campmeeting and Assembly Meetings for the state. It is also the non-profit umbrella organization that runs the Sunset Guest Home, an elderly care facility for saints and other residents also located on the campground property.
  • Church of God Evening Light – This website has a wealth of content pertaining to the Church of God Evening Light Reformation, past and present, including a number of publications such as The Gospel Truth, The Beautiful Way (for primary children), and The Compass (for juniors). The primary hymnal of the Church of God Evening Light, the Evening Light Songs songbook, can also be ordered here. In addition, information and publications regarding various mission works are also listed here.
  • Church of God Today – This is the official online location of the Bible Lessons for Adults and Young People Sunday School Quarterlies. There are also instructions available on how to receive the booklets in printed form.
  • Church of God Preaching – This site has a large audio library of messages by a host of Church of God ministers, both older and more recent, available for audio consumption. The archive goes back as far as the 1950’s. There is also a library of congregational and special singing to enjoy, too.
  • Evening Light Songs Index – This is an online index of the primary hymnal for the Church of God Evening Light, the Evening Light Songs songbook. Each song is listed in numerical order in full page form with the original shaped notes and there is a capability to search for songs as well.